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IPPI Academic Staff

Nekoomanesh, Mehdi Ph.D. Head of Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute M.Nekoomanesh[at]
Abbasi Sourki, Foroud Ph.D.   F.Abbasi[at]
Abedini , Hossein Ph.D.   H.Abedini[at]
Afshar Ebrahimi , Ali Ph.D.   A.Afshar[at]
Ahmadi Shervin Ph.D. Head of Petrochemical Faculty Sh.Ahmadi[at]
Ahmadjo, Saeid Ph.D.   S.Ahmadjo[at]
Arabi, Hassan Ph.D. Deputy Director in Research / Head of Engineering Faculty and Polymerization Catalysts Dept. H.Arabi[at]
Askari, Fahimeh Ph.D.   F.Askari[at]
Atai, Mohammad Ph.D.  Head of Central Laboratories M.Atai[at]
Azizi Hamed Ph.D.   H.Azizi[at]
Bahri , Naeimeh Ph.D.   N.Bahri[at]
Baharvand Habibollah Ph.D.   H.Baharvand[at]
Barikani, Mehdi Ph.D. Head of Polyurethane Dept. M.Barikani[at]
Barmar, Mohammad Ph.D.   M.Barmar[at]
Barzin, Jalal Ph.D. Head of Science Faculty J.Barzin[at]
Beheshty, Mohammad Hosein Ph.D. Head of Composite Dept. M.Beheshty[at]
Behzadnasab, Morteza Ph.D.   M.Behzadnasab[at]
Bouhendi, Hossein Ph.D.   H.Boohendi[at]
Daruishi, Soheil Ph.D.   S.Daruishi[at]
Ehsani, Morteza Ph.D. Head of Polymer Technology Incubator M.Ehsani[at]
Eivaz Mohammadloo, Hossein Ph.D.   H.Mohammadloo[at]
Ershad-Langroudi, Amir Ph.D.   A.Ershad[at]
Emami, Mehrsa M.Sc.   M.Emami[at]
Esfandeh, Masoud Ph.D. Deputy Director in Administration and Finance M.Esfandeh[at]
Farahmand, Farhid Ph.D. Head of Novel Drug Delivery Systems Dept. F.Farahmand[at]
Ghasemi, Ismail Ph.D. Head of Industry Coordinator I.Ghasemi[at]
Ghashghaee, Mohammad Ph.D.   M.Ghashghaee[at]
Ghambarian, Mehdi Ph.D.   M.Ghambarian[at]
Ghiass , Majid Ph.D.   M.Ghiass[at]
Ghoreishy, Mir Hamid Reza Ph.D.  Head of Processing Faculty M.H.R.Ghoreishy[at]
Hakim Shokoufeh Ph.D.   S.Hakim[at]
Hashemi Tabatabaei, Mitra M.Sc.   M.Tabatabei[at]
Honarkar , Hengameh M.Sc.   H.Honarkar[at]
Imani, Mohammad Ph.D.   M.Imani[at]
Jahani, Yousef Ph.D. Head of Plastic Dept. Y.Jahani[at]
Jalilian, Seyed Mehrdad Ph.D.   M.Djalilian[at]
Jamjah, Roghieh Ph.D.   R.Jamjah[at]
Jamshidi, Ahmad Ph.D.   A.Jamshidi[at]
Jamshidi, Hajar M.Sc.   H.Jamshidi[at]
Kabiri Bamoradian, Kourosh Ph.D. Head of Resin K.Kabiri[at]
Karrabi, Mohammad Ph.D. Head of Rubber Dept. M.Karabi[at]
Karimi, Majid Ph.D. Head of Postgraduate Studies M.karimi[at]
Khonakdar, Hossein Ali Ph.D.   H.Khonakdar[at]
Khorasani, Mohammad Taghi Ph.D.   M.Khorasani[at]
Lahooti-Fard Farzad Ph.D.   F.Lahootifard[at]  
Mahdavi , Hamid Ph.D.   H.Mahdavi[at]
Mahdavian, Ali Reza Ph.D.   A.Mahdavian[at]
Mashak, Arezoo M.Sc.   A.Mashak[at]
Mehdipour Ataei, Shahram Ph.D.   S.Mehdipour[at]
Mirabedini, Seyed Mojtaba Ph.D. Head of Colour and Coating Dept SM.Mirabedini[at]
Mirzataheri, Mojgan Ph.D.   M.Mirzataheri[at]
Mobedi, Hamid Ph.D.   H.Mobedi[at]
Mohammadi Fereidoon Ph.D.   F.Mohammadi[at]
Momen Bellah, Samad Ph.D.   S.Moemen[at]
Morshedian, Jalil Ph.D.   J.Morshedian[at]
Mortazavi , Mohammad Ph.D.   M.Mortazavi[at]
Naderi , Ghasem Ph.D.   G.Naderi[at]
Nodehi, Azizolah Ph.D.   A.Nodehi[at]
Oroujzadeh, Maryam Ph.D.   M.Oroujzadeh[at]
Parvazinia, Mahmood Ph.D.   M.Parvazinia[at]
Pazokifard, Shahla Ph.D.   S.Pazokifard[at]
Rabbii, Ahmad Ph.D.   A.Rabbii[at]
Rahimi, Azam Ph.D.   A.rahimi[at]
Rostami, Mohammad Reza Ph.D.   M.Rostami[at]
Razavi Nouri, Mohammad Ph.D.   M.Razavi[at]
Rezadoust, Amir Masoud Ph.D.   A.Rezadoust[at]
Sabet, Seyed Alireza Ph.D.   A.sabet[at]
Sadatnia, Behrouz M.Sc.   B.Sadatnia[at]
Sahraeian, Razi Ph.D.   S.Razi[at]
Sajadi, Samaheh Ph.D. Head of International Relations S.Sajadi[at]
Salehi-Mobarakeh, Hamid Ph.D.   H.Salehi[at]
Salimi, Ali Ph.D.   A.Salimi[at]
Seifali, Mehrdad Ph.D.   M.Seifali[at]
Soltani, Sedigheh M.Sc.   S.Soltani[at]
Shokrollahi, Fatemeh Ph.D.   F.Shokrolahi[at]
shokrollahi,parvin Ph.D. Head of Biomaterial Dept. P.Shokrolahi[at]
Taghizadeh, Seyed Mojtaba Ph.D.   S.M.Taghizadeh[at]
Tarighi, Sara Ph.D.   S.Tarighi[at]
Yaghobi, Nakisa Ph.D.   N.Yaghobi[at]
Yeganeh, Hamid Ph.D.   H.Yeganeh[at]
Yousefi, Ali Akbar Ph.D.   A.Yousefi[at]
Yousefi, Mohammad Ph.D. Head of Gas Conversion Dept M.Yousefi[at]
Zandi, Mojgan Ph.D.   M.Zandi[at]
Zeynali, Mohammad Ebrahim Ph.D.   M.Zeynali[at]
Ziaee, Farshid Ph.D. Head of Polymer Science & Synthesis Dept. F.Ziaee[at]
Zohuriaan-Mehr, Mohammad J. Ph.D.   M.Zohuriaan[at]