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Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute

Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI), affiliated to the ministry of science, research and technology, established in 1986. IPPI has embarked on the full mission to carry out research and education in polymer science and technology, as well as providing outreach programs for the polymer industry in Iran. IPPI enjoys extensive facilities for synthesis, characterization, processing and fabrication of different classes of polymers and related raw materials. With more than 300 specialized scientists and engineers in the field of polymer science and technology, IPPI is one of the unique academic centers in Iran for polymer research and education. The academic focus has been spread over versatile polymer fields from synthesis to engineering on synthetic polymers, natural polymers, biopolymers, high-performance polymers and composites. Building upon the strong interdisciplinary programs, IPPI is engaged in successful inter-relationship collaborations with industry to accomplish research activities. The main IPPI complex consists of laboratories, equipped with modern instruments and workshops, library, amphitheaters, computer center, managerial and financial departments, guest house and supporting services.


The authorities and managers of the research institute

post Name and surname Direct telephone E-mail
President Dr. Esfandeh 44787020 M.Esfandeh[at]ippi.ac.ir
Vice President of Technology Dr. Abedini 44787159 H.Abedini[at]ippi.ac.ir
Vice President of Management Dr. Mahdavian 44787045 A.Mahdavian[at]ippi.ac.ir
Vice President of Research Dr. Yeganeh 44787024 H.Yeganeh[at]ippi.ac.ir
Head of the Polymer Process Research Institute Dr. Arabi 44787027 H.Arabi[at]ippi.ac.ir
Head of Engineering Research Institute Dr. Nodehi 44787028 A.Nodehi[at]ippi.ac.ir
Head of Petrochemical Institute Dr. Ahmadi 44787041 Sh.Ahmadi[at]ippi.ac.ir
Director of Polymer Incubator Center Dr. Dariushi 44787091 S.Dariushi[at]ppi.ac.ir
Director of Administrative Affairs Mr. Daneshgar 44787030 M.Daneshgar[at]ippi.ac.ir
Director of Public Relations Mr. Heidari 44787048 M.Heidari[at]ippi.ac.ir
Director of Communication with Industry and Scienc Dr. Mortazavi 44787050 M.Mortazavi[at]ippi.ac.ir
Head of International Affairs Dr. Sadjadi 48662130 S.Sadjadi[at]ippi.ac.ir
Director of Planning and Supervision Dr. Behzadnasab 44787049 M.Behzadnasab[at]ippi.ac.ir
Director of Education and Postgraduate Education Dr. Salimi 44787054 A.Salimi[at]ippi.ac.ir
Head of Polymer Science Research Institute Dr. Ataei 44787026 M.Atai[at]ippi.ac.ir
Director of the Publication Office Mrs. Tabatabaei 48662477 M.Tabatabaei@ippi.ac.ir
Head of the President's Office Mr. Heidari 44787091 M.Heidari[at]ippi.ac.ir