Department of industrial and scientific relations (Industry coordinator)

Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI) is a research organization which has been established to lead the scientific activity
towards the fundamental needs of the country and to utilize outcomes from research carried out in the basic, applied and industrial projects in all fields of polymer science and engineering. Besides, the development of polymeric products and training the man power required for the polymer industries is one main goal.
IPPI has done many applied research in polymer science & technology during last 30 years. It also enjoys extensive research & testing facilities in various polymer fields unparalleled in the region.
IPPI with more than 110 research staff mostly at PhD level provides services in the following research areas:

• Faculty of Processing: Rubber, Plastic, Composite, Color and Surfacecoatings, Adhesive and Resin
• Faculty of Science: Polyurethane, Biopolymer, Polymer Science, Drug Delivery Systems.
• Faculty of Engineering: Polymerization Catalyst, Polymerization Engineering, Process modeling and Control
• Faculty of Petrochemical: Engineering Design and Contraction, Gas Conversion, Petrochemical Synthesis
Therefore, in line with overall goals of the institute, the activity of Department of industrial and scientific relations (Industry coordinator) is defined to create an effective coordination with other research institutes and establishing strong link with various industries.
Goals and Activities of the Department of industrial and scientific relations in IPPI
In view of new strategy out by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the Department of industrial and scientific relations in IPPI pursue the following goals:

1. The identification of technical needs of the country’s polymer industries and the implementation of research projects which would to solve and meet those needs.

2. Research and development in polymer science and technology field with running research and industrial projects.

3. Providing regular meetings with industry and production centers to identify industrial needs.

4. Studying of economical & Technical Consideration for lab. Scale projects.

5. Consulting & monitoring for technology transfer and know-how for product line.

6. Offering technical and laboratory services for industrial and scientific centers.

7. Knowledge improvement for the young employees in industry through conducting short-term and long-term training courses.

8. Establishing an active and effective link with other supporting bodies and researchers.

9. Cooperation and consulting for standardization of different polymer products.

10. Providing provision for procurement and execution of basic and industrial research in various fields of polymer science and technology.

11. Studying and proposing methods for keeping the environment clean from harmful polymer by products.

12. Reflecting the projects made in industries and also other bodies to faculty members.

13. Providing a local data bank of scientific and technical information unit and the publication of results attained through research projects.

14. Establishing right environment for all academic staff to get involve in projects which are required by the industry.

15. Reflecting the proposed project by academic staff to relevant industry and following up the progress made in process.

16. Acquiring information on various developments in local industry and reflect-ing the news to academic staff.

17. The market research to identify the candidate companies that have the expertise, resources, and business networks to bring the invention to market.

18. Preliminary evaluation of the manufacturing feasibility, patentability, novelty, potential applications, possible markets, and commercial potential of the ideas and inventions to invest.

19. Transferring novel ideas and technologies to the marketplace, commercial products or services in order to contribute to the revitalizationand economic development of the country.

20. Finding an appropriate licensee with considering the attractiveness of the invention and the size and stage of development of the

21. Establishing the polymer Techmart (Fan Bazar) to provide information about technologies (supply, demand and technology services), high-tech products and also representing services and facilities in this field to the companies in order to accelerate the process of commercializing and transferring technology.

22. Licensing technology between IPPI and third parties by drafting customized contracts. The rights to an invention are licensed, without relinquishing ownership. In an exclusive license, the University will ensure that IPPI retains the right to use and make the invention for research purposes so the inventor may continue his/ her research.

23. Licensing to start-up companies. If the invention is a platform technology and the inventor is interested in forming a start-up company, a representative from our Dept will work with the inventor to explain the requirements necessary to obtain a license from the University.

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