Information Technology and Computer Services

General Information:

Computer and network services department at Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute is part of research department. Its main activity is to provide online access to Internet (WWW & E-mail) and also to technically support hardware and software operating in the other departments. A wide variety of applications including Microsoft series, CAD packages, programming languages, graphical software, database systems and desktop publishing software are also available. All the academic and technical staff as well as M.Sc. and Ph.D. students are full time users of our network. All the research and office administration departments are connected to network through several high-speed (100Mb/s) lines. The backbone of this network consists of three Windows 2008 servers. There are more than 600 workstations (Windows XP & Windows 7) connected to the network through a star topology configuration. The servers are connected to Internet via IPM  thorough optical fiber . All the Institutes information including current and completed research projects, academic staff resumes as well as abstracts of current and back-issues of Iranian Polymer Journal exists on two independent web-sites. This information is constantly up-dated and can be accessed by and its mirror at . We have also dial-up lines which can be used to connect to our system any time.

People in The Department:
Head of the Computer and Network Services:
Ghorbanzadeh , Saeed

Computer Room's Technicians:
Baghaei, Saeed
Naser Saraei , Meysam