The Administrative and Supporting Services

- To issue administration orders and appointments to the office personnel and scientific delegation within the regulatory charter of IPPI.
- To execute employment regulations and overriding instructions and to communicate with other divisions.
- To receive personnel requests and taking necessary steps to meet those needs with the cooperation of the related divisions or the departments.
- To carry out and monitor the tests and interviews of job applicants and to coordinate the results with the responsible heads and managers.
- To prepare and draft circulars, resolutions and necessary instructions to be sumbitted to the Adminsitration and Finance Deputy Director.
- Timely promotions of the personnel and issuing the promotion letters to them.
- All the communication affairs such as sending letters, and distributing the incoming posts to the addressed division, etc.
- To keep and compile the complete file system related to the administrative personnels and non-personnels.
- Personnel training while on duty.
- To conduct all social and personal affairs such as health, job insurance and related matters.
- Daily transportation and on and off travelling of guests and personnel as delegates within Tehran or other spots in the country.
- Receptions of Iranian and international guests in the hotel.
- To make sure of good services in the residential flats and the dormitories.
- All the affairs regarding the release of all the items purchased from abroad from the international customs in Iran.
- To conduct all the supporting services directly and indirectly and making sure of their proper implementations.
- To repair, and doing all the maintenace and cleaning up of the IPPI’s installations, buildings and green open spaces.
- To make suggestions to other divisions to improve methods and organizational structures.
- To carry out all the referred jobs to the Administration and Finance Deputy and IPPI Director.
Administration Management Personnel
  Names: Mohammad Daneshgar
  Electronic addresses: