Budgetary Office, Organization and Personnel Training

This office, under the Deputy Director, is subdivided into 3 sections with the following descriptions:
- Budget:
To draft and prepare the annual agreements and their related ammedments relating to expenses, fixed capital (building, repairing and equipments) of supplementary and centralized categories, budgetary first draft preparation and supporting them for the following financial year, to receive the allocated assets from the Ministry and preparing annual reports and other additional requests to Iran Programming and Management Organization, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Economics and Financial Affairs and finally to all other offices when requested.
- Organization :
To draw IPPI charter and replacement of the personnel and when necessary to remove or create functional posts.
- Personnel Training:
To assess and creating motivations for higher working performance, and to encourage the personnel within the scope of regulatory considerations there
are courses set up possibly outside IPPI to fulfil such aims and purposes.
Budgetary Office Personnel, Organization andTraining
  Name Forouzan Mahmoud Kalayeh
  Electronic addresses: F.Kalayeh@ippi.ac.ir