Theoretical and Experimental Study of Synthesis of Titanium Tetrachloride in a Fluidized Bed Reactor

Hossein Bordbar


2 2018 Preparation of amine-based adducts to develop one-pot epoxy system containing carbon-based nano particles for application in prepregs Mohammadnabi Hesabi Download



Investigation of Polyethylene-Nanoclay Modified by New Method Using a Metallocene (CP2ZrCl2) Catalyst by in-Situ Polymerization

Ali Alikhani




Finite Element Modeling of Radial Tires under Static and Dynamic Loads Using Advanced Material Models

Mehdi Rafei


5 2018 Preparation, modification and identification of fibrous membranes based on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) by electrospinning for separation and reduction of white blood cells Sara Salehi Shahrabi Download
6 2018 Evaluation of Physical Properties of Poly (Vinylidine Fluoride) /Closisite 30B /MWCNT Nanocomposites Prepared by Electrospinning Seyed Mostafa Hosseini Download
7 2018 Study trans-esterification reaction in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polycarbonate (PC) blends and its effect on microstructure and properties Majid Habibelahi Download
8 2018 Preparation and characterization supramolecular hydrogels based on hydroxyethyl methacrylate and its fesibility study in bone tissue engineering Sara Maleki Esfandabadi Download
9 2018 Insitu polymerization of laurolactam during reactive melt blending in the presence of multiwalled carbon nanotubes toward polyamide12-MWCNT nanocomposites  Farzaneh Faridirad Download
10 2018 Chemical recycle of PET by alcoholysis such as nonanol and decanol for synthesized novel plasticizer for PVC Manizhe Rouhi Dazmiri Download
11 2018 Chemical recycling of PET by aminolysis and its investigation kinetics behavior Sedigheh Ghorban Tabar Omran Download
12 2018 Synthesis of polyvinyl alcohol/clay nanocomposite Hanie Talari Download
13 2018 Preparation of Polypropylene/Nanoclay Blown Film and Investigation of its Printability Fatemeh Shateri Download
14 2018 Synthesis Of Functional Poly(alpha)olefin Copolymers Mina Kateb Download
15 2018 Preparation of self-cleaning coatings based on acrylic resins and cement and comparing their photocatalytic properties to reduce air pollution Fatemeh Mohammadi Download
16 2018 The effect of MWCNT on mechanical, thermal and rheological properties of PMMA/EVA nanocomposites Fatemeh Saeedi Download
17 2018 Investigation of in situ forming systems of progesterone for veterinary products Maryam Armiun Download
18 2018 Electrospun PVDF/nanoclay felt: piezoelectric response on Wound Healing Properties Maryam Jalaei Download
19 2018 Synthesis of cyclodextrin-based Nanosponges for drug delivery Mosayeb Gharakhloo Download
20 2018 Preparation and characterization of polysulfone as water desalination membrane and investigation of introducing nanoparticle in the membrane structure Samaneh Khodami Download
21 2018 Study on Properties of a Nano Polymeric Gel System as Water Shut-off Agent Omid Khoshnamak Download
22 2018 The Effect of Two Particles of Nanographene and Nanoclay on Curing, Rheological and Mechanical Properties of Nanocomposites Based On Nitrile Rubber-Polyvinyl Chloride Mohammad Barghamadi Download
23 2018 Investigation of swelling Properties in Acrylic Superabsorbent Modified Mahsa Ghasri Download
24 2018 Cyclodextrin based nanoporous system for medical application Mahdi Rezaei tabar Download
25 2018 Effect of support on the alfaolefin cationic oligomerzation using AlCl3 catalyst Sevda dehghani ghanbarlo Download
26 2018 Preparation of novel membrane based on Polysulfone and related nanocomposite for water desalination Rahil Nahvi Download
27 2018 Prepreation and evaluation of buprenorphine HCL mucoadhesive oral films Zahra kazemi  Download
28 2018 Improving delamination strength of glass fabric - phenolic resin laminate by electro spinned PVB interlayer Hossein Ipakchi  Download
29 2018 Design and fabrication of polylactide-based polyurethane with mechanical and biodegradability properties for bone tissue engineering Peiman Akbari Download
30 2018 Investigating of physical and chemical properties of polymeric coatings containing graphene oxide Ahmad Rayej Download
31 2018 Ester of Terephthalic acid-Furfuryl alcohol: Synthes is , characterization, kinetic s of formation and blending with furan resin Fereshteh Jamedi Download
32 2018 Investigation of electrical and thermal conductivity of styrene / acrylate adhesives prepared by in-situ emulsion polymerization including conductive nanomaterial Samira Zarei Download
33 2018 Investigating and studying of physical and chemical properties of polymeric coatings based on epoxy-inhibitor organic Faezeh Fasihi nasab Download