Mahmoud Parvazinia



Name:  Mahmoud Parvazinia
Address             : P.O.Box: 14185/458 Tehran-Iran
Mobile               : +98 912 3273075
Work Phone      : +98 21 44580042


 Academic preparation


Chemical Engineering Department, Loughborough University, UK
Duration  : December 2002 -November 2005.   Supervisors: Prof. V.Nassehi,  Prof.R.J.Wakeman
PhD thesis: “Multiscale finite element modeling  of transport phenomena using residual free bubble function method”. Flow through highly permeable porous media and convection-diffusion equation have been studied. To model the problem an in-house computer code has been developed in Fortran.
Department of Chemical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
Duration: Feb.1989 - Sep.1991.   Supervisor: Prof.M.Shahrokhi
Ms thesis: Temperature control of a batch polymerization reactor was studied via dynamic simulation. The performance of different model based controller like internal model control was studied. This research continued on adaptive controllers like self tuning controller.
Department of Chemical Engineering,  Sistan and Baluchestan University, Zahedan, Iran
Duration: Feb.1984 - Feb.1988




Present Position:         Member of academic staff
Employer:                   Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute, Tehran, Iran.


Previous Work Experiences


- Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI) , Assistant Professor.                       2005-present.
- Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI) , Member of Academic Staff.          1993-2005.
- Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute , Senior Engineer.                                       1990-1993.


Academic Visiting


-Academic visitor, Department of chemical engineering, Loughborough University.   June 2007-June


Industrial Grants


1. Awarding Body: Iran Petrochemical Company, 2009-2010.
       Title: pilot scale production of anion exchange
        Total Value: 175000$
2. Awarding Body: Iran Petrochemical Company2000-2003 .
       Title:Design of a pressurized multi purpose continuous olefin polymerization pilot plant.
       Total Value: 40000$


Teaching Experiences


1. Polymerization Reactor Processes.
2. Transport phenomena,


Supervised Thesis


Supervised MS Thesis
1. Title: Feedback-Feedforward Temperature Control In a batch Polymerization Reactor Using State Estimation Techniques, 1995.                                                                                                Student: F.Hormozi                                                                                                                                    
2. Titile:Modelling and simulation of Weak Acid Cation Exchange Resins Based on Polystyrene-Divinyle Benzene Beads, 2001.                                                                                                                      Student: G. Ali Mohammadi.
3. Title: Particle size distribution of suspension Polymerization of Styrene-Divinyle Benzene-Macroporous Beads, 2004.                                                                                                                   Student: M.Hadj Ebrahimi.
4.Title: Design and control of continuous styrene polymerization, 2009
Student: M.Gharghani




 1. M.Parvazinia, A.Nodehi, M. Haji Ebrahimi, Pilot scale production of cation exchange resins based on the styrene-divinyl benzene copolymer, No. 29423, 8 March 2004, Invention Registration Department, Tehran, Iran.
2.H.A.Arabi,  M. Haji Ebrahimi, A.Nodehi and M.Parvazinia Synthesis  of macro-porous cation exchange resins based on the styrene-divinyl benzene copolymer, No. 35092, 24 May 2006, Invention Registration Department, Tehran, Iran.


 Journal papers
1. M.Parvazinia, V.Nassehi Multi-scale finite element modelling using bubble function method for a convection-diffusion-reaction problem, International communications in heat and mass transfer. 2010;37;125-130.
2. V.Nassehi, M.Parvazinia. A multi-scale finite element time discretisation method for transient transport phenomena using bubble functions. Finite Elements in Analysis and Design.2009, 45, 315-323.
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Conference Papers


17. M.Parvazinia, Multiscale Finite element modeling of transport problems, FEF09, 15th conference on finite element for flow problems, Chou University, Tokyo, April, 1-3, 2009.
18. F.Hormozi, M.Parvazinia, M.Emami, Application of heterogeneous multiscale method to solve two dimensional parabolic problems, The 2th national conference on CFD applications in  chemical industries, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran,  May, 13, 2009.
19. M. Gharaghani, H. Abedini, and M. Parvazinia, Simulation and Optimization of Continuous Bulk Polymerization Process for Crystal Polystyrene, 9th International Seminar on Polymer Science and Technology (ISPST 2009), Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute, Tehran, October, 18-21, 2009.
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