Azam Rahimi (PhD)Professor

Address: Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute
P.O.Box: 14975/112; Tehran, I.R. Iran


Ph.D, Chemistry, 1977, Michigan State University, Michigan,  USA.

BSc, Chemistry, 1972, Teacher's Training University, Tehran, Iran.

  • Iran Polymer and petrochemical Institute, Academic Staff 1993 -2018.
  • Iranian Journal of Polymer Science and Technology (ISSN: 016-3255, Persian Edition) Technical Editor 1988-1993, Editor 1993-2000 and Executive Manager 2000-2011 and Advisory Board Member.
  • Iranian Polymer Journal (ISSN: 1026-1262, English Edition) Associate Editor 1997-2000 and Editor, 2001-2011 and Editorial board member.
  • Iran Polymer Society News Letter (in Persian), Editor-in-Chief, 1998-2003.
  • University Press, Editorial Staff of Chemistry Committee, Iran, Tehran, 1988-1993.
  • Payam-e-Noor University and Azad University of Iran, Assistant Professor, 1977- 1988.

Scientific Society Member 

1.  Iran Polymer Society (Executive Committee Member).

2.  Iran Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Society (Member).

3.  Iran Engineers Society (Member).

4.  The Academy of Persian Language and Literature, Chemistry Group (Member).


Major Research Interests 
1.  Monomer and Polymer Synthesis.
2.  Nanocomposite hybrid Coatings.
3.  Corrosion-inhibiting self-protective nanocomposite coatings.
4.  Editorial Process of Scientific Publications.

Current Research   
1.  Hybrid nanocomposite coatings for various applications.
2.  Corrosion-inhibiting self-protective nanocomposite coatings.

3.  Polymeric drug delivery systems.

Honors and Awards 
1.  Best Paper Award, Iranian Journal of Polymer Science and Technology, 1990.
2.  12th Best Book of the Year Award, 1995.
3.  10 Best First Grand Competitions Award on Nanoproducts Commercial Projects, 2005.
4.  National Distinguished Professor, 2009.

5.  Pioneer in Polymer Science and Technology,ISPST2018.
List of publications 



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             In addition, 59 papers published in Iranian scientific journals.



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             In addition, 3 vocabolary books in collaboration with chemistry group   , published in The Academy of

             Persian Language and Literature.