In the name of Allah

Amir Masoud Rezadoust


Associate Professor of Composites Group

Iran Polymer & Petrochemical Institute

PO Box 14977-13115, Tehran, Iran

Tel.: (021) 4866 2468 Fax: (021) 4478 7076




 Personal Details:

- Date of Birth: 5/4/1973

- Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran

- Status: Married

- Nationality: Iranian


- B.Sc., August 1996, Polymer Engineering (Tehran Polytechnic-Amirkabir University of Technology).

- M.Sc., August 1998, Polymer Engineering (Iran Polymer Institute)

-Ph.D., November 2012, Polymer Engineering (Iran Polymer Institute)

Interested Research Area:

- 3D printing/Additive manufacturing of polymers

- Composites processing (Pultrusion, compression molding and vacuum infusion)


Work Experience:

-   1995-1996 computer teacher in Abdali school.

-   1998- Present, Member of academic staff in Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute, Tehran, Iran.

-   2005-2007, Consultant to KavoshYaran Eng. Co., Composite Materials (Tehran Metro contractor).

-   2008-2010, Consultant to Abzian Nil Co., Pultrusion Process.

-   2010-2016, R&D Director in Alborz Composite Eng. Co..

-   2016-present, Co-founder of Kavian Composites Co.




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