Prepration and Characterization of Hydrogels based on Gellan gum- polyurethane

Maryam Sahraro


2 2019 Numerical Simulation the Process Behavior of Rubbery Piece in Injection Molding by Finite Element Method Porya Nafie Download



Preparation and Investigation of flame resistance Properties of Poly Ethylene / ATH / POSS Particles

Nazanin zameni zangeneh




Prepration of Biodegradable Polymeric Microspheres Containing Antibiotics in Local Treatment of Peri-Implant Diseases

Seyyed Mahdi Khalifeloo


5 2019 Preparation and characterization of micro/nano capsules containing neuroactive drugs and drug release profile Faezeh Modili Download
6 2019 Fabrication of thermoresponsive nanofiberous mats for biomedical applications Sogand Safari Download
7 2019 Fabrication and Evaluation of Composite Wound dressing Based on Electrospun Nanofibers of Poly (vinyl alcohol)/Chitosan/Starch Hassan Adeli Download
8 2019 Blends of Cationic and Anionic Acrylic Resins: Miscibility, Viscoelastic Behavior, and Pressure Sensitivity Hoofar Sadadi Download
9 2019 Investigation of the relationship between the microstructure of epoxy resin and physical and chemical properties and the preparation of a new tough epoxy resin Morteza Khalina Download
10 2019 Investigation the effect of using mixed of Diether and Succinate/ Silyil diol ester compounds as internal electron donor in Ziegler-Natta catalysts for synthesize of polypropylene Fatemeh Poorsank Download
11 2019 Investigating the Effective Parameters on the Formation of Long and Short Chain Branching on Polyolefin Elastomer Mahdi MahmoodAbadi Download
12 2019 Synthesis and characterizing properties of waterborne polyurethane/ acrylate hybrids Ghazal Minoofar Download
13 2019 Investigation of Rheological, mechanical and Thermal Properties of Nanocomposites Based on Nitrile Rubber-Phenolic Resin Reinforced by Nanogaphene and Nanoclay Sara Shafiee Download
14 2019 Investigation of the effect of all acrylic impact modifier particle size on improving of the polyvinyl chloride impact properties Amir Reza Ghomi Download
15 2019 The effect of glass transition temperature in all-acrylic impact modifier on enhancement of impact properties of poly vinyl chloride (PVC) Vahid Hamrang Jirandeh Download
16 2019 Polymerization of cyclo olefine monomer by binuclear late tramstion metal catalysts Samira lakouraj mansouri Download
17 2019 Preparation and characterization of new types of sulfonated polysulfone  membranes for application in fuel cell Zahra Salahshouri Download
18 2019 Preparation of microcapsules containing reactive thermosetting materials and study of adhesion and mechanical properties of microcapsule’0s embedded polymeric coating Elahe Adibzadeh Download
19 2019 Investigation of Silane modified methods of resins used in polyurethane adhesives Emad Izadi Vasafi Download
20 2019 Preparation of photoresponsive acrylate nanofibers and films containing spiropyran : Investigation and comparison their optical properties and hydrochromic behavior Kianoush Karimipour Download
21 2019 Study and characterization of electrical-thermal conductivity of polymer nanocomposites based Carbon particles Ali Momtazan Download
22 2019 Preparation of bone tissue engineering materials from natural polymers with capability to form stable physical gels at physiological conditions Mehran Ghasemi Download