Deputy Director in Research Affairs

Research activity in the area of polymer science and technology is the main job on Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI). The Research Deputy, one of the main department of IPPI is concerned with the administrative of all related research program of IPPI. The responsibilities of this deputy are as follows:

  • Organizing and supervising the IPPI Research Councils and executing their approvals,
  • Proposing new research fields to academic staffs,
  • Inspecting the matters proposed by the IPPI director about different aspects of research affairs,
  • Approving the academic and research capacity and competency of institutions affiliating to or joining the IPPI,
  • Participating in the IPPI Council sessions,
  • Introducing the department managers to the IPPI director for appointment,
  • Guiding the academic and research activities of the IPPI and administering the IPPI affairs within the framework of rules and regulations,
  • Proposing the capacity of MSc and PhD students admission in each field,
  • Coordinating different research activities through supervising them so as to achieve the ideal aims,
  • Solving the academic and research problems of the students,
  • Inspecting and estimating laboratory equipment needs on IPPI,
  • Introducing faculty members to participate in academic meetings,
  • Investigating and making appropriate decisions regarding research and educational activities of the Research Center,

The following departments are working under the direction of this deputy:

  1. Higher Education Department
  2. Central Laboratory
  3. Library
  4. Publication Office

In recent years, the admission of researchers in postdoctoral programs, related to polymer science and technology, is one of the priorities on IPPI. This process takes place through the Iranian applicants who have completed a Ph.D. degree within the last five years.
To apply for this program, go to the link below and complete the application form (in Persian). Then submit the form to one of these addresses: or
Apply for postdoctoral program


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