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Journal: Green Chemistry


Chitosan-based inks for 3D printing and bio printing

Impact Factor: 10.182

By: Ghasem Naderi et al.







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Composite of MOF and chitin as an efficient catalyst for photodegradation of organic dyes


S. Sadjadi, F. Koohestani, N. Mohammad Mahmoodi, B. Rabeie



International Journal of Biological Macromolecules


Simulation of continuous catalytic conversion of glycerol into lactic acid in a microreactor system: A CFD study

P. Jalal Sahandi, M. Kazemeini, S. Sadjadi



Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Development of physical, mechanical, antibacterial and cell growth properties of poly(glycerol sebacate urethane) (PGSU) with helping of curcumin and hydroxyapatite nanoparticles V. Fakhri, A. Jafari, M. A. Shafiei, M. V. Ehteshamfar, Sh. Khalighiyan, H. Hosseini, V. Goodarzi*, F. R. Wurm, M. Moosazadeh Moghaddam, H. A. Khonakdar 12 5.582 Polymer Chemistery 2021

Bio-removal of phenol by the immobilized laccase on the fabricated parent and hierarchical NaY and ZSM-5 zeolites

A. Ameri, T. Taghizadeh, A. Talebian-Kiakalaieh, H. Forootanfar, S. Mojtabavi, H. Jahandar, S. Tarighi, M. A. Faramarzi



Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers

Mechanistic study on the metallocene-based tandem catalytic coordinative chain transfer polymerization for the synthesis of highly branched polyolefins D. Hassanian-Moghaddam, Y. Maddah, S. Ahmadjo, S. M. M.Mortazavi, F. Sharif, M. Ahmadi 152 4.598 European Polymer Journal 2021
Tuning properties of bio-rubbers and its nanocomposites with addition of succinic acid and ε-caprolactone monomers to poly(glycerol sebacic acid) as main platform for application in tissue engineering S. Farjaminejad, Sh. Shojaei,*, V. Goodarzi*, H. A. Khonakdar, M. Abdouss 159 4.598 European Polymer Journal 2021

Fish Cartilage: A Promising Source of biomaterial for biological scaffold fabrication in cartilage tissue engineering

M. Khajavi, A. Hajimoradloo, M. Zandi, M. Pezeshki-Modaress, Sh. Bonakdar, A. Zamani



Journal of Biomedical Materials Research


Spiropyran and spironaphthoxazine based opto-chemical probes for instant ion detection with high selectivity and sensitivity to trace amounts of cyanide

S. Sanjabi , J. Keyvan Rad , A. R. Mahdavian



Journal of Photochemistry & Photobiology, A: Chemistry

A versatile β-cyclodextrin and N-heterocyclic palladium complex bi-functionalized iron oxide nanoadsorbent for water treatment Z. Mehri Lighvan, H. A. Khonakdar,  A. Heydari, M. Šlouf, A. Akbari 28 4.223 Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2021
Toughening of epoxy resin systems using core–shell rubber particles: a literature review S. R. Mousavi, S. Estaji, M. Raouf Javidi, A. Paydayesh, H. A. Khonakdar* , M. Arjmand, E. Rostami, S. H. Jafari 56 4.220 J Mater Sci 2021
Achieve balanced stiffness and toughness properties of nanocomposites based on poly(lactic acid)/polyolefin by using fuzzy rule-based system S. Daneshpayeh, I. Ghasemi* , F. Ashenai Ghasemi, V. Panahizadeh 16 4.161 eXPRESS Polymer Letters 2022

Pd on the Composite of Perlite and Allylamine-N-isopropylacrylamide Copolymer: A Thermo-Responsive Catalyst for Hydrogenation of Nitroarenes under Mild Reaction Condition

N. Abedian-Dehaghani, M. M. Heravi,* S. Sadjadi




Recent innovations in synthesis/characterization of advanced nano-porous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs); current/future trends with a focus on the smart anti-corrosion features M.H. Shahini a, H. Eivaz Mohammadloo b, Mohammad Ramezanzadeh a, Bahram Ramezanzadeh 276 4.099 Materials Chemistry and Physics 2022
Pd on a novel nitrogen doped porous carbon derived from task specific ionic liquid and biomass: An efficient catalyst for reduction of organic dyes M. Dorraj, S. Sadjadi*, A. Amani 273 4.094 Materials Chemistry and Physics 2021