Nakisa Yaghobi


Name: Nakisa
Surname: Yaghobi
Status: Iranian Citizen
Address: Iran Polymer Institute
Tel: +98 21 44580029
Fax: +98 21 6026501

EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION                                                              
Amir Kabir University (Tehran Polytechnic) M.Sc. degree in chemical engineering.
Ph.D. student in IPPI.


Member of Academic Staff of Iran Polymer and Petrochemical  Institute (IPPI) in Gas Conversion Department.
Work Experiences at Iran Polymer Institute:
Place     Year     Job Type     Position
IPPI     1997- 1998     Design Engineer     _
IPPI     1998-1999     Member of Academic staff     Senior
IPPI     1999- 2004     Member of Academic staff     Head of OCM Lab & gas conversion department

CURRENT RESEARCH                                                                            
-Conversion Process of Natural Gas to Ethylene
-Production of chitosan from shrimp shells for medical application
-Pilot Plant of medical grade pyrocarbon
-Production of styrene divinylbenzene as ion exchanger

LIST OF PUBLICATIONS                                                                         
1-N.Yaghobi et al., Optimization of Chitin Isolation from Shrimp Shells: Study of Parameters Influence on Chitin Deacetylation Reaction and Biocompatibility Evaluation (in vitro) Iranian Journal of Polymer Science and Technology 15, 55-63, 2002.
2-N.Yaghobi et al.,, Conversion process of Natural Gas to Ethylene, Proceedings of 3rd Iran Petrochemical Forum (IPF) pp 245-258, Tehran, 5-6 May 2001.
3- N.Yaghobi, "In Vivo Study of Microcrystalline Chitosan as a Blood Hemostasis Agent, International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT 2001) Symposium B, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, (1-6 July2001), Singapore.
4- N.Yaghobi, Preparation of Chitosan Derived from Shrimp’s Shell of Persian Gulf as a Blood Homeostasis Agent: in vivo, Iranian Polymer Journal 11 1 63-68 (2002)
5- N.Yaghobi , Experimental Study of Particle Size Distribution in Suspension Polymerization, Iranian Polymer Journal 14 3 165-169 (2001)
6- N.Yaghobi, "Methane Conversion to Ethylene by Oxidative Coupling Reaction, 6rd National Conference on Chemical Engineering, 245-253 (2001), Isfahan, Iran.
7- N.Yaghobi et al., Deacetylation of Chitin by Multistage alkali treatments, submitted to the Iranian Polymer Journal (2002).
8- N. Yaghobi et al., Experimental Kinetic Model of Oxidative Coupling of Methane under Different Operating Conditions over Perovskite Catalyst. 12th International Gas, Oil & Petrochemical Congress, Feb 2003.
9- Nakisa Yaghobi, Mir Hamid Reza Ghoreishy, “Oxidative Coupling of Methane in a Fixed Bed Reactor over Perovskite Catalyst: A Simulation Study Using Experimental Kinetic Model”, Journal of Naturak Gas Chemistry, 2008, 17, 8-12.
10- Nakisa Yaghobi, Mir Hamid Reza Ghoreishy, Vahid Eslamimanesh, “An experimental kinetic model for the oxidative coupling of methane using a  bench scale reactor”Asia Pacific of Chemical Engineering, in press.
11- Nakisa Yaghobi, Mir Hamid Reza Ghoreishy, “ Comparative Study on the Modeling of Kinetic of the Oxidative Coupling of Methann Laboratory and Bench scales”Chemical Product and Process Modeling, 2008, 3,1,16.
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14- Nakisa Yaghobi, Mir Hamid Reza Ghoreishy, “Oxidative Coupling of Methane: Interaction of Transport Phenomena  and Chemical Reaction” 2nd Natinal Conference on Natural Gas Conversion, accepted.