Curriculum Vitae

Razi Sahraeian


(B.Sc., M.Sc.)
Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute
PO Box 14965/115, Tehran, Iran
Tel.: (021)44580000, Facsimile: (021) 44580021
E-mail: &
Personal Details:
- Date of Birth: 1971
- Place of Birth: Jahrom, Iran
- Nationality: Iranian


  • BSc, Polymer Engineering [1995, Amir Kabir University (Tehran Polytechnic), Tehran, Iran]
  • MSc, Polymer Engineering (2003, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran)
  • PhD

 Interested Research Area:

  • Polymer Nano composites (Thermoplastics and Thermosets)
  • Polymer Matrix Composites: (Short Fibers and Long Fibers)
  • Polymer Composite Processing
  • Modification of Physical and Mechanical Properties Thermoplastic Matrices
  • Polymer Blends

Working Experiences:
* Consultant of Technology Cooperation Office of Presidency (TCO), 1997- present.
* Consultant of Fajr Company, 1995-1996.
*Head of Nanotechnology Committee in Iran Polymer & Petrochemical Institute,          2004- present.
*Member of Academic staff in Iran Polymer & Petrochemical Institute, 2004-present

Some of the Completed and/or Current Research Projects:
1) Flammability of Polymer-Clay Nano-composites.
2) Know-how Transfer for SDVB (Styrene Di-vinyl Benzene).
3) Know-how Transfer for Poly isoprene pilot plant.
4) Know-how Transfer for Liquid Poly urethane pilot plant.
 5) Know-how Transfer for PTMEG (Poly Tetra Methylene Ether Glycol).
6) Know-how Transfer for Pyrocarbon pilot plant.
7) Know-how Transfer for Composite Materials used in Dentistry.
8) Know-how Transfer for PDMS pilot plant.
9) Know-how Transfer for PTFE pilot plant.
10) Know-how Transfer for Carbon Fiber pilot plant.
11) Know-how Transfer for Organo-silicon compounds used in Medical applications.
12) Know-how Transfer for Butadiene Rubber (BR) pilot plant.
13) Know-how Transfer for Hydrazine Hydrate pilot plant.
14) Know-how Transfer for Hydrogen Peroxide pilot plant.
15) Know-how Transfer for Freon 134.a.
16) Know-how Transfer for HF.
17) Know-how Transfer for Polymeric Bio adhesives.
18) Know-how Transfer for Polymeric Material for Gas and Oil Industries.
19) Know-how Transfer for Medical grade Plastics with Biological and Microbiological Properties.
20) Know-how Transfer for Polymer Composite Materials for Energy Generating Industries.
21) Know-how Transfer for Organo-silicon Polymer Composite Materials for Medical Applications.
22) Know-how Transfer for Sealants having a Wide Range of Thermal Resistance     (-40°C to 70°C).
23) Know-how Transfer for Polymeric Prosthesis.
24) Know-how Transfer for Polymeric Materials for Decoration of Porous Surfaces    (e.g. Paper, Wood, ...).
 25) Know-how Transfer for Composite Materials Based on Graphite-PET for Vascular Prosthesis Applications.
26) Know-how Transfer for Hydrogels.
27) Surface Treatment of Nanoclay fillers.
28) Manufacture of LDPE-Clay Nanocomposites.
29) Study of the Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene/Polystyrene Blends.

Selected Publications:
1) Focus Ion Beam Preparation of Transmission Electron Microscope in Polymer Clay Nanocomposites, Iranian Polymer Journal 15 (7), 2006, 539-545.
2) The Influence of Dimethyl Hydrogen Siloxane on Polypropylene-Straw Fibers Interface. Iranian Polymer Journal, 15 (8), 2006, 629-635.
3- "آتشگيري نانوكامپوزيتهاي پليمر- خاك رس"، همايش نانوتكنولوژي انقلاب صنعتي آينده، 1380،‌ (سخنراني)
4- "معرفي رفتار آتشگيري نانوكامپوزيت پلي استايرن- خاك رس"، هفتمين كنگره ملي مهندسي شيمي، 1381، (پوستر)
5- "معرفي رفتار آتشگيري نانوكامپوزيت پلي پروپيلن- خاك رس"، دومين كنفرانس سازمان صنايع هوافضا، 1381، (سخنراني)
6- "تأثير كانيهاي رسي در آتشگيري نانوكامپوزيتهاي پليمري"، دهمين همايش انجمن بلورشناسي و كاني شناسي، 1381، (سخنراني